Suveranitatea lui Dumnezeu și rolul rugăciunii

Now some people will always come along and say, „Oh well, but God’s going to do what He’s going to do anyway. And what about God’s sovereignty and we can’t ask for stuff that’s out of His will. And how does He know if He wants to do it?” So forth and so on, and you can get all tangled up in the sovereignty of God and then you can make your prayer life literally impotent. I don’t understand those relationships anymore than I understand that I must come to Christ for salvation and yet it’s all of His sovereignty. There are paradoxes in the Bible that I don’t understand and I know God has a sovereign will and I know God answers prayer sovereignly and I know God is in charge of everything and I know He does exactly what He wants to do but I also know the Bible says that I’m supposed to pray persistently and I’m supposed to pray faithfully and I’m supposed to pray believing that what God says is what God wants. And what God says He’s able to do is in fact what He is able to do. And if my faith will grow and grow and persist and persist and persist, I’ll see the power of God.

And some of you are not seeing God work in your life simply because there’s no persistence in your prayer. There’s no continuance in your prayer. There’s no strengthening. You don’t get an answer so you quit. And it’s not mustard seed, it’s something else. Mustard seeds start small, gets big.–promise-without–performance


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